The omnicommerce experience for multichannel brands

Our data-focused solutions deliver commerce at the speed of life, empowering you to engage consumers wherever and however they choose to shop.

(P.S. Wait until you see what MOE can do for you!)

Smart Commerce

The Click2Cart® Difference

We like to think of it as behind-the-scenes magic. Friction-free, one-click carting means consumers aren't distracted by competitor ads or cross-selling, and there's no waiting (i.e. forgetting) to check out.

And even when shoppers don't complete a purchase, you still win because carting triggers retargeting and improves retailer-side SEO/SEM results.

Shoppable experiences that boost your bottom line

Our suite of omnichannel solutions fits any campaign objective and comes with a convenient to use 24/7 platform, with deep data and insights. Anywhere you can use a URL, you can drive commerce - display ads, social posts, influencer blogs, websites, emails, videos, packaging, and more.

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For ads & social media

Click2Cart shoppable links let you add one (or more) products at one (or multiple) geo-relevant retailers seamlessly. Multiple UI options (branded pages, curated shelves, custom bundles) fit every campaign objective to drive action.

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For websites

More carting? We've got you. Optimize your website with one-click carting at a variety of retailers, including your own DTC experience.

Meet MOE - your brand's superpower

MOE (Master Optimization Engine) is the big brain behind the whole SmartCommerce operation, truly driving commerce at the speed of life. We like to say it gives our clients superpowers – here’s how:

Tracks real-time (as in up-to-the-minute) stock status
IDs the best substitutes for OOS items (i.e. no missed sales)
Requires no spreadsheets, feeds, or links to get started!
Understands variants and pricing by geography.
Handles multiple retailer variants
Works in any language, currency, or locale
Handles seasonality seamlessly
Ensures links live beyond product changes

Trusted by leading consumer brands across the globe

Major players leverage SmartCommerce to reach consumers across categories - grocery, wellness, beauty, pet, electronics and more

SmartCommerce Reporting

The truth is in the numbers

It just works - across all categories and verticals, from display ads to QR codes, at ALL major points of intent.

Anywhere you can use a URL, you can drive commerce
with Click2Cart.
Carted by over 50 million consumers in the last 12 months
Number of products carted in the last 12 months

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what clients are saying...

“Click2Cart works with the way consumers actually behave, not the way they wish they did.”

Major CPG Mfr

“This has completely changed the way we look at our marketing mix – literally everything now is a potential path to purchase.”

Innovation Lead

“Using Click2Cart is a no-brainer. And your team has made it so easy!”

Brand Manager
Canada Dry

“We appreciate the work their solutions-oriented team has done for our brands and couldn’t ask for a better partner to continue to learn and innovate with.”

Manager, Owned Platforms & CRM
Conagra Brands

“SmartCommerce has been an exceptional partner throughout our implementation of SmartSite. They provided invaluable support, working closely with us to ensure a successful go live. Their post-implementation support and responsiveness have been outstanding, with proactive monitoring and prompt issue resolution. We greatly appreciate their dedication to our success and their commitment to delivering a seamless experience.”


We’ve got you – always

No matter what you need help with, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re set up for success. (And, no, we don’t charge extra for that.)