Bring the cart to them.

Why use Click2Cart for your ads & social media?

Real-time, stock-aware technology gets your products into carts faster and more frequently – boosting sales, increasing product awareness, and creating repeat customers - sorta like magic!

A Shorter Path To Purchase

ReformFrom Click to Cart

Replace typical friction-filled paths to purchase with a single click that puts products (even recipes) directly into retailer carts.

ReformNo Speed Bumps

Our product engine avoids OOS conditions, 3P sellers, changing prices, etc, so your consumers enjoy a frictionless shopping experience.

ReformMore Insights

Whether or not a consumer checks out immediately, you still win. Carting triggers retailer retargeting and influences retailer recommendations/SEO.

Smart solutions that boost your bottom line

Our suite of solutions fits any campaign objective and comes with a convenient-to-use 24/7 platform and next-level client support. Anywhere you can use a URL, you can drive commerce!
It’s really that easy.

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Click2Cart Direct

SmartLinks give you the ability to create shoppable media from display ads, social media, video, or email with one-click carting at a single retailer. Click2Cart SmartLinks drive the highest carting rate.

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Click2Cart Shopper’s Choice

Offer a choice of stores and/or products to cart via a custom branded landing page from your shoppable social posts. The landing page only shows geographically-relevant retailers with a version of the product in stock.

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Shoppable curated shelves with your (or add your partners’) products. Ideal for presenting context, accommodating items that require choice (size, gender, color, etc), and displaying products from multiple brands on a landing page.

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While recipes are a perfect fit for SmartShops, they work brilliantly for ANYTHING that sells better when contextually bundled (think skincare regimens, DIY kits, party packs, etc).

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Click2Cart Live

Bring dynamic, stock-aware retailer choice directly into ad units on any platform that allows dynamic HTML, unlocking multi-channel shopping in a single click for consumers.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Using SmartCommerce has a direct effect on your bottom line (in the best way).

Seamlessly sidestep the current 27% OOS rates (yes, really!) with Dynamic Substitution
Contextual bundles enjoy >2x the CTR of single-product ads!

MOE knows.

Why use Click2Cart for your ads & social media?

The SmartCommerce Master Optimization Engine (MOE for short) gives our clients superpowers. Up-to-the-minute technology always knows what’s in stock and can easily ID the best substitutes for OOS/3P items, driving friction out and volume up.

You don’t need to send us feeds, spreadsheets, or links – it continuously updates 10s of millions of product-offer pairs across hundreds of retailers. And because it’s machine-learning enabled, it’s always getting smarter. We have a panel of Data Scientists to constantly manage all of it!

SmartCommerce Reporting

Data is your superpower

The SmartSuite Dashboard gives clients 24/7 access to metrics, so you can meet your goals faster. Real-time data and insights let you manage the live performance of your campaigns and make changes to retailers, products, redirect pages, and more anytime.

We’ve got you – always

No matter what you need help with, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re set up for success. (And, no, we don’t charge extra for that.)