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Why use SmartSite for your website?

Easy-to-implement solutions let consumers add products to their carts from the retailer of their choice at any touchpoint on your website, making every moment a shoppable one.

Multi-solutions for multi-channels

ReformSupport multiple retailers

Replace typical friction-filled paths to purchase with a single click that puts products (even recipes) directly into retailer carts.

ReformLet the consumer choose

Our product engine easily sidesteps OOS conditions, 3P sellers, changing prices, etc, so your consumers enjoy a frictionless shopping experience.

ReformMore Insights

Whether or not a consumer checks out immediately, you still win. Carting triggers retailer retargeting and influences retailer recommendations/SEO.

Carousels & SmartButtons

Easy-to-implement Click2Cart code drives commerce from websites, pages, influencer pages, and more. Smartsite Carousels bring the retailer cart onto your page, so ecommerce is just one click away.

Carousels render via brand rules to show geographically-relevant retailers with the your brand in stock - and to let consumers save items to cart in a single click! SmartButtons let shoppers choose the retailer in two clicks (1 to open, 1 to select), for pages with multiple products or limited space.


While recipes are a perfect fit for SmartShops, they work brilliantly for ANYTHING that sells better when contextually bundled (think skincare regimens, DIY kits, party packs, etc). It allows consumers to choose among products and select variants, while dynamically showing relevant local retailers.

Product Locators

Optimize your site for omni-channel shopping and boost brand discovery. With unmatched coverage and no dead-ends, this is a no-brainer.

Click2Cart® difference

Think of it as your behind-the-scenes magic ecommerce wand. Friction-free, one-click carting means consumers aren’t distracted by competitor ads or cross-selling, and there’s no waiting (i.e. forgetting) to check out.

And even when shoppers don’t complete a purchase, you still win because carting triggers retargeting and improves retailer-side SEO/SEM results.

SmartCommerce Reporting

Data is your superpower

The SmartSuite Dashboard gives clients 24/7 access to metrics, so you can meet your goals faster. Real-time data and insights let you manage the live performance of your campaigns and make changes to retailers, products, redirect pages, and more anytime.

We’ve got you – always

No matter what you need help with, our team of experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re set up for success. (And, no, we don’t charge extra for that.)