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13 Tips For Getting The Most Out of SmartSuite

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Today is Friday the 13th, and we hope it is going just great. I mean it is Friday, after all! But if it happens to be headed in the wrong direction, your luck's about to change. We’re sharing our 13 Tips For Getting The Most Out of SmartSuite! Which means, a couple of things:

• You’re going to feel smarter and have more insights into your data.

• The performance of your ads is likely going to get a boost.

So, yeah, Happy Friday The 13th!

1. Know our timezones! If you’re using the Americas version of SmartSuite, we show clicks in Central Time. If you’re in the EU, the timestamp is in UTC+3.

2. Get and stay informed with SmartHub, where you’ll find information on how to implement and optimize your Click2Cart applications, FAQs, and helpful links to forms.

3. Save yourself some time! Instead of creating the same Shopper’s Choice for each language, our custom language toggle feature can configure a Shopper’s Choice for multiple languages all in one place.

4. Use backup product options to ensure your shoppers always have an opportunity to purchase your products with SmartSubstitution.

5. Prioritize certain retailers and limit to using 3-4 retailers per link for maximum results.

6. Organization is everything. Name your campaigns and make it easier on your team to manage links and pull reports with filters.

7. Hide unwanted products in SmartSuite so you’re not showing discontinued products to your audience.

8. Data, data, data! Utilize our UTM tools, platform links, audience pixel tracking and reporting in your campaigns.

9. Make sure your CTAs and landing page assets are super clear to inspire, educate, and drive consumers

10. Redirect with OOS to avoid that dreaded “product not found” and send them to brand.com instead.

11. More insight is always better. Our TruAudience reports will give you important insights on your targeted audience.

12. When bundling your products, make sure to select featured product so it will be required to be available at all retailers.

13. Choose the right UI for your campaign, whether it’s a Click2Cart or a Shopper’s Choice. You’ll be guaranteed to have good luck when using any of our SmartLinks.

Want to learn more about how to optimize your SmartSuite experience? Reach out to your Client Excellence rep or contact someone on our team at smartcommerce.com/contact-us.

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