2022 Shoppable Insights Report: presented by SmartCommerce partner Kerv

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Shoppable Insights Report

Kerv recently released their 2022 Shoppable Insights Report, a deep-dive into consumer behavior surrounding interactive video ads and commerce. Taking place over six months, the study shows that not only are consumers engaging with video ads at higher levels than other kinds of digital advertising, they are more likely to continue to engage with the brand and drill deeper into the experience.  In addition, these kinds of ads are getting more products into carts and driving more purchases.

“SmartCommerce’s direct-to-cart technology measures all the way to the cart (not just at the click), so we can see when agencies are driving strong, intentional consumer clicks – and we can also measure the opposite, when consumer backout rates are high. Network-wide, the benchmark for clicks-to-populated carts is 90%, but with KERV’s Interactive and Shoppable video, we consistently see completes between 96-99%, meaning that their engagement-based, in-video clicks are driving highly qualified and motivated shoppers.” said Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce.

To learn more about this report, please visit KERVit.com

Study Methodology

The report findings are based on data gathered from 10/1/2021 to 3/31/2022 from the KERV platform and represents data collected across over 500 video ad campaigns for 100+ brands and agencies that ran on the KERV platform to understand consumer interest in shoppable video.

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