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3 Things to Stick on the Wall in 2023

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2023 is a year that’s hard to predict, but with continued inflation impacting consumers and so much uncertainty this year, brands will need to reach consumers where they’re at on multiple channels and inspire them in meaningful ways.  Additionally, consumers expect these interactions to be seamless and relevant to them.

With so many things feeling up in the air this year, one thing is for certain, the year of meCommerce is upon us!

Here are 3 things to help guide you toward success this Me-Year: 

1. Maximize Omnichannel



According to Shopify’s Food and CPG industry trends for 2023, omnichannel connections with consumers will be key for today’s brands.  39% of US consumers report being more favorable to omnichannel marketing approaches.  This is because consumers expect to have consistent and personalized connections with their favorite brands (meCommerce is here to stay!). 

“Most Gen Z consumers don’t even think in terms of traditional channel boundaries, …research shows, and they increasingly evaluate brands and retailers on the seamlessness of their experience.” (McKinsey & Company)

Unfortunately, many food and CPG brands are still providing a friction-filled commerce experience on their owned channels.  This can be solved by adding stock-aware carousels and Click2Cart hyperlinks that allow consumers to easily cart the brand’s products from the consumer’s favorite retailer. 

2. Inspire Impulse Purchases



Inspiration and impulse now go hand-in-hand with digital marketing.  According to Statista, 34% of consumers reported they impulsively bought a grocery item online to treat themselves.

In addition, recent Google data stated that almost half of young people look to TikTok or Instagram, instead of Google Maps or Search, for answers.  The same study also showed that in 2022 more young people saw ‘finding new ideas and inspiration’ to be more important than ‘product research’ as a key reason for their use of the internet.

This means that online shopping is now even more impulsive than before, consumers aren’t doing as much research, and aren’t looking at reviews as often to make their buying decisions.  Despite inflation, they also have room in their budget for small ways to treat themselves.

Brands that seize this impulsive shopping behavior by utilizing easily shoppable content will inspire consumers to toss their items into online grocery shopping carts. 

 3. Do the Prepwork for Them


Given that everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic, and cooking was something people had to do out of necessity, it’s no surprise that the tides are now turning. 

According to a 2022 FMI report, fewer people are now reporting loving or even liking cooking at home.  Additionally, a higher percentage of  consumers shared that they feel like cooking at home is a chore.

Given the shift back to restaurants and in-person dining options, it’s very important in 2023 to help make cooking at home as easy and painless as possible.

Brands can inspire home cooks with shoppable recipe content that takes the guesswork and meal planning off consumers’ plates.  By doing the prep work ahead of time for them, brands will win big and stay top of mind with today’s consumers.

Be a SmartCookie. 

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