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3 Things to Stick to the Wall in 2022

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Because everything continues to be disrupted, it might be tempting to minimize or delay marketing efforts in the new year. However, being proactive (and smart) in Q1 will better position you to win big in 2022!

Here are three things to help guide you toward success this year.

Revisit QR Codes 

QR Codes are now everywhere, making it more convenient to access digital information quickly, from scanning a menu or a sign in a business to quickly paying in person with your phone. In a 2020 study by Scanova, researchers found that QR Code reach in the US grew 96% in just two years. 39% of the survey respondents reported wanting to see QR Codes used more broadly in the future, and 46% felt like QR codes make life easier. Whether you’ve been incorporating QR codes into your marketing touchpoints or not, it’s time to rethink how QR codes can close the loop with your consumers. Make it easier for them to reorder your product directly from the packaging by leveraging a QR code with a call to action, “Running low? Scan here to add to your shopping cart.” Another creative use for QR codes is riding along with samples, and adding QR codes allows testers to quickly and easily purchase the full-size version. With the resurgence of QR codes, it’s time to rethink how they can work harder to drive more sales.

Make Out-of-Stocks Less of a Pain Point

Experts tell us that it’s likely that supply chain issues will remain in 2022 and won’t return toward normal until 2023. This volatility can greatly impact live campaigns. In 2021, we found that over 27% of lead SKUs to be carted were out of stock while campaigns were live. That’s greater than one out of every four products! However, SmartCommerce campaigns with direct and indirect substitution implemented saw less than 2% of items out of stock. By adding backup SKUs to your programs in 2022, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of campaigns running into dead ends. This means you drive sales, even during a highly unpredictable year!

Give Consumers a Reason Why

Get creative in Q1! Consumers online seek creative solutions, inspiration, and content – bundling items into basket-building solutions can provide greater relevancy to your consumers and inspire them to act. Ads promoting bundled solutions typically drive 1.2 to 2X the carting rates compared with traditional ads advertising single items. The stronger performance is because the creative is often more meaningful, providing shoppers value, time, and money-saving solutions! For example, instead of a banner ad featuring a single box of mac and cheese that clicks over to a product page, consider offering parents a kids’ night-in bundle solution. Include everything needed to inspire a kids’ dream night at home (mac and cheese, fruit, and ice cream). Make it super easy to quickly add everything to their favorite retailer’s cart, all with just one click. If you have fun with the solutions, your consumers will too!

For more information on how you can leverage these three tools this year, type: asset-hyperlink id: 5zqVNibZcS3m1reMw9HHAw

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