5 Insider Tips & Tricks For SmartSuite

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SmartSuite is SmartCommerce’s comprehensive, real-time reporting tool that all clients have access to 24/7. Our goal is to empower you with data and insights to manage your campaigns, make changes, and meet your goals faster. The dashboard lets you sync your media spend with your inventory, reduce advertising waste, and measure campaign outcomes.

We asked our Product and Client Experience teams for their insight on how to put that into action. Of course, if you ever have questions or need help, just reach out – we offer unlimited support.

1. Always have a backup.

Incorporate backup product offerings for Click2Cart links to optimize the consumer experience and prevent running into dead ends.

“Allow consumers to have a successful experience even when your lead product isn’t available in their area. By using backup product options, you will help ensure your shoppers always have an opportunity to purchase your products without hitting Out of Area or Out of Stock.”

Dede Houston, Sr. EVP, Client Experience and Special Programs

2. Prioritize certain retailers.

Use the retailer organization features when creating a Shopper’s Choice (branded landing page).

“Set a max for retailers shown in a user's area to 3 - 4 retailer results. Utilize the retailer order option ‘Availability’ when creating a link with multiple products to show retailers that have the most products in stock within the bundle first.”

Tawny Boleman, Sr. Manager, Client Experience

3. Stay organized.

Use campaign labels and clear naming conventions to stay organized and see results from your previous campaigns from the same manufacturer. This will make it easier to manage links and pull reports with filters.

“Using Campaigns and Labels is a great way to ensure consistency across all partners accessing the dashboard. The step-by-step directions in SmartHub are easy to follow and will ultimately help save time for reporting needs.”

Laurie Devaney, Director, Client Experience

4. Hide unwanted products.

If you have a discontinued product that’s still available for purchase but you don’t want to appear available in SmartLinks or SmartSite widgets, go to the “Product Catalog,” click the “Available” link in the “Availability” column, and choose to “hide” it.

“If there’s a discontinued product in your catalog that might still be available for purchase, the product can be hidden by going to the Product Catalog. We’ll ask you to confirm that you want to hide this product. Once you agree, the product will no longer be available to be used by SmartLinks or SmartSite widgets.”

JP Pickel, SVP, Product Management

5. Track everything.

Utilize UTMs, platform links, pixels, and audience pixels to help glean actionable insights and targeted optimizations for the most efficient and effective spend.

“A marketing budget is important for growth. Just as important is tracking where the growth is coming from, so you can quickly pivot towards your most effective tactics. I always encourage our clients to utilize our UTM tools, platform links, audience pixel tracking and reporting - bringing all this valuable data front and center.”

Michelle Gonzales, Director, Client Experience

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