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SmartCommerce eCommerce Insights Survey

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The eCommerce Insights Survey Results are In!

As the official Insights Partner of Adweek Commerce Week, we are excited to announce that the results are in! And our wheels are really turning thanks to all the great insights shared by the marketers in attendance. Here are three highlights of the survey:

You’ve got minutes – wait, maybe just seconds!

Like our attention spans, shopping decisions are getting shorter and shorter. Over 39% of marketers surveyed reported their consumer purchase funnel was measured in just minutes or even seconds. Brands that continue to find ways to drive frictionless commerce will win this split decision now and in the future. 

Study up on Green Guides

Of those surveyed during Commerce Week, over 50% reported that both sustainability practices and environmental issues impact their marketing strategies. Good news for marketers hoping to communicate their brands’ commitments to these practices, the FTC is refreshing their Green Guides. The guides haven’t been updated since 2012, and will help marketers understand how to use claims such as “Organic,” “Recycled Materials,” and “Carbon Offset.”

Web 3.0 is here, but the Metaverse is still a WIP

Social commerce and gamification are being used by numerous marketing teams today. However, some technology continues to be more of a work in progress. Less marketers reported using virtual try-ons, augmented reality and stores being powered by blockchain.

There’s even more insights in our full survey report. Click here to view the full report!

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