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Don’t Get Spooked: How to Win CPG Halloween SalesI

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Halloween is a big deal in the CPG world, and it got pretty scary last year. As we faced the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and fall festivals got canceled, and only 49% of households still passed out candy It’s no surprise that CPG brands were left spooked, wondering what this Halloween might have in store. Luckily, signs point to a pretty sweet Halloween for both brands and retailers, with more than 80% of people planning to celebrate this year.

Providing Halloween Inspiration Online

While some consumers are going back to trick-or-treating, others will celebrate in new ways and make alternative plans for a festive holiday. They are planning fun activities like decorating, crafting, and Halloween baking. CPG brands that win will find innovative ways to meet consumers where they are and provide inspiration.

We recommend creating inspiration with Halloween-themed product bundles. Some fun ideas to consider:

  • Cart a Halloween party: snacks, paper goods, and decorations

  • Trick or treat candy bundles

  • Halloween baking bundle (candy corn cupcakes, anyone?!)  Curious how it works? Below is a demo of a Halloween candy bundle.

Click here to click the ad below to drop a candy bundle into your Target cart! 

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