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Kargo Ad To Cart (White Paper)

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Advertising Fundamentals for a Collapsed Consumer Journey

Today's Retail Problem

With online grocery sales projected to grow 20% from 2021 to 2022 and 75% of consumers now buying CPG products online, marketers must lean into new tactics to increase attention and purchase intent. 

Research Objective

This study examines how shoppable advertising improves overall campaign performance for CPG brands, thus proving that interactive advertising works for brand goals and performance goals. Can CPG brands collapse the digital customer journey by leveraging exclusive shoppable ad formats and technology? 


Two Kargo exclusive ad formats (Venti, Breakaway) with commerce-focused CTAs were tested to determine how much attention Kargo shoppable ads garner compared to standard display ads: Kargo’s Breakaway is an above-the-fold silhouetted adhesion banner unit that ‘breaks out’ from the bottom of the screen and then collapses into a smaller version that sticks to the lower right corner for easy tapping and interaction.

Executive Summary

Overall, the study proved that Kargo shoppable ads, combined with Click2Cart and Shopper’s Choice, generally produced more positive ad evaluation scores than standard banner ads, with users reporting that the functionality was more convenient, saved them time, and made purchasing easier.

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