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Omnicommerce Panel Discussion: Marketers' Big Bets for 2024

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We recently hosted an event in Chicago that centered around an Omnicommerce Panel Discussion, moderated by SmartCommerce CEO Jennifer Silverberg. It was a great conversation about the challenges of being the “marketer in the middle” – trying to manage evolving consumer behavior and changing consumer expectations, which are happening at the same time.  

They want more convenience, less friction, more clarity when it comes to product attributes. And because shoppers spend so much time on social media, they now expect these rich experiences from brands on all channels. There’s a lot of innovation that needs to take place.

Silverberg asked the panelists what their big bets are for 2024. Here’s what they’re each leaning into…

Ann Hirschey, Associate Director Of Digital Capabilities, Lactalis

For me, it’s digital innovation. There are so many technology unlocks out there. We need to see what generative AI images can do, understand the new search that’s coming out there, and use AI to measure image findability online.

I’m working with organizations to dip their toe in and test these new digital innovations in a small way because what we test today could be a big bet for tomorrow. And it’s important to stay on top of the newness and not be afraid of it.

Erin O'Connell Wright, Marketing Manager, Brown-Forman

I’m leaning into content to commerce and influencers to commerce – no dead ends. Everything should be shoppable. Stop driving people to brand sites. It’s a gap in being able to collect data, but I’m okay with that if it gives consumers a frictionless experience and something they can purchase.

Jon Davis, Head of Commerce, Teads

For us, it’s make every moment shoppable. What does it look like to promote a brand and create a loyalist but empower shoppability? We’re having tons of conversations about this right now.

Katie McBrien, SVP Commerce, Spark Foundry

Across our clients, we are talking a lot about more holistic planning. The consumer doesn’t care where you meet them as a brand. They care that you show up authentically. Brands have more places to spend dollars and less dollars to spend, so it’s key to be really smart about how you plan the dollars and be sure you’re driving the brand towards the right strategy.

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