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SmartCommerce and Nextdoor Partner to Uncover 2023 Holiday Shopping Insights

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SmartCommerce, an AI-based platform that drives frictionless acceleration of eCommerce for CPG, and Nextdoor, the premier neighborhood-centric social network, have joined forces to conduct 2023 Holiday Shopping Trend research. The studies identified insights into how consumers across the U.S. plan to approach their holiday shopping, providing an overview of their behaviors and preferences.

SmartCommerce and Nextdoor are excited to present their findings in a comprehensive white paper that delves into these holiday shopping habits, highlighting the factors that influence them.

"Nextdoor is a great partner to work with to explore the evolving landscape of holiday shopping, because much of it - like grocery shopping - is still inherently based on proximity," said Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce. "We’re excited to bring these data-driven insights to help brands and retailers navigate the holiday season more effectively.”

Stephanie Lawrence, Head of Agency Development at Nextdoor adds, “This collaboration is part of our commitment to helping our partner advertisers drive commerce during a critical time of year. Holiday shopping habits are definitely evolving, and these insights will help advertisers meet and delight consumers when and where they are shopping for the holidays.”

Key insights from the white paper include:

  1. Holiday Shopping Kickoff: Holiday shopping is no longer confined to December. 41% of consumers start their holiday shopping as early as the fall, well before Halloween. 62% plan to shop during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

  2. Generational Shopping: How consumers shop and where they get their inspiration for holiday gifts is closely tied to their age group. For example, 57% of consumers aged 18-34 plan to get shopping ideas from social media, with 63% of them referencing TikTok.

  3. Mobile Shopping: Mobile devices remain a vital tool in holiday shopping, with 74% of participants using their smartphones to build their most recent online orders. Consumers view their online shopping carts as dynamic and adaptable lists, allowing them to modify their selections to suit their evolving needs.

  4. Savings Strategies: Many consumers are striving to make their dollars go further. Retailers can benefit by offering incentives like free shipping, free returns, loyalty programs, or discounts during the holiday shopping season.

About SmartCommerce SmartCommerce is an ML and AI-based data platform that centralizes and optimizes massive amounts of real-time CPG product data to create and support solutions that drive frictionless acceleration of eCommerce for CPG manufacturers and their retailer partners. The company brings deep data and eCommerce experience - the executive team includes several former Channel Intelligence (acquired by Google in 2013) leaders. To learn more about the SmartCommerce Click2Cart technology, please visit: smartcommerce.com

About Nextdoor Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND) is the neighborhood network. Neighbors, businesses of all sizes, and public agencies in more than 310,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries turn to Nextdoor to connect to the neighborhoods that matter to them so that they can thrive. As a purpose-driven company, Nextdoor leverages innovative technology to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on — both online and in the real world. Download the app or join the neighborhood at nexdoor.com. For more information and assets, visit nextdoor.com/newsroom.

Media Contacts: Carla Etheridge carla.etheridge@smartcommerce.co

Antonia Gray press@Nextdoor.com

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