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2022 SmartCommerce Survey: CPG eCommerce & Promotions

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CPG e-Commerce and Promotions Study

Shoppers are using a blended model for shopping now more than ever. They’re mixing pick-up, delivery, in-store and online, with over 42% reporting they will continue to use a blend of shopping options over the next 6 months for their grocery and personal care shopping.

Respondents also reported they are seeking convenience in their shopping, which outweighed saving money as a key driver for trying new stores. However, promotions remain incredibly important, with 75% of respondents reporting using some sort of promotion or savings tool weekly.

Additional key findings from the survey:

  • More than 70% of respondents reported that availability of coupons and/or discounts is “very important” or “important” to their shopping experience.

  • SmartCommerce’s first survey in 2017 showed that only 27% of shoppers were said to have EVER ordered groceries online. Now 25% will do MOST of their grocery shopping online, representing a significant shift.

  • Across all income levels and genders, respondents would prefer to seek out coupons, rather than switch brands or buying less.

  • Shoppers are trying new products, with 41% trying private-label brands and nearly 39% trying national or local brands.

The full results from the survey please fill out the form below:

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Study Methodology

Sample size: 600, United States, Age: 18+, Female: 52.00%, Male: 48.00%, Survey period: March 19/20 2022, Note: Responses were collected through a polling software that works within a network of apps to offer appropriate non-cash incentives in exchange for response to the survey.  The panel may be more likely to engage with online tactics since the survey was completed through an app network. 

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