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SmartCommerce to Speak at CATx eCommerce Growth Summit/ BevAlc US June 22-June 24, 2021

Cover Image for SmartCommerce to Speak at CATx eCommerce Growth Summit/ BevAlc US June 22-June 24, 2021

On June 22-24, firstmovr is hosting its first-ever CATx eCommerce Growth Summit/ BevAlc US interactive webcast. The three-day program explores the explosive growth that the Alcohol category experienced during COVID-19, including how to master this growth across key retail platforms. The agenda includes case studies and interactive sessions on new strategies, best practices, and critical insights from excellent guest speakers from companies like Constellation Brands, Instacart, and more.

Our CEO, Jennifer Silverberg, and VP of Client Success, Haley Rubin, are also looking forward to presenting on June 24 at 1:00 pm EST on: "Inspiring the Passive Shopper: CPG Consumer Behavior Shifts 'Beyond the Store,' and How to Use Them to Build Your BevAlc Brand." SmartCommerce has completed its annual analysis of actual consumer behaviors – this year, tracking over 30 million "Passive Shopper" purchase paths off of ads, social, video, email, brand sites, influencer sites, and more – and are excited to share its Insights in this presentation. You'll leave with ideas you can implement immediately, to drive real commerce volume.

Are you planning to attend the CATx eCommerce Growth Summit? We'd love to connect and share how smart CPG brands are working with SmartCommerce to drive eCommerce and how we can help you increase your online CPG sales.

SmartCommerce technology empowers CPG companies to sell more products online by replacing the traditional “where to buy” functionality from websites, ads, packaging/samples and social media posts with a single click or scan of a QR code that drives products directly into retailer’s carts! Built for CPG brands and their consumer’s unique needs, SmartCommerce intelligently eliminates both the friction and retailer’s product detail pages competitive cross-selling that has limited the potential for CPG digital purchases by enabling simple one-click conversions of one or many products from any digital impulse point into virtually any retailer cart.

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