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The Mastermind Behind Your Campaigns

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MOE (Master Optimization Engine) is the BIG brain behind the whole SmartCommerce operation. We like to say it gives our clients superpowers because the real-time (as in up-to-the-minute) machine learning always knows what’s in stock and can easily ID the best substitutes for OOS/3P items, truly driving commerce at the speed of life. 

So what does it really mean to have MOE working for your brand? 

We went straight to the source – our Chief Data Officer Russ Caldwell and VP Data Operations Victoria Benwell – for a brain dump on how MOE gives you a competitive advantage and makes your life so. much. easier. 

  • Out of stock item? MOE won’t let you miss out on that sale. Before your campaign goes live, you have the option to choose from 3 substitution options when an item is OOS – direct (a different size), indirect (a different flavor/style), or custom (you choose the attributes to be considered and it recommends the most “like” item). No opportunities missed ever.

  • The same UPC code for different seasonal products? No problem. Let’s say you assign a UPC code to a seasonal Peach Lager in the summer and use that same UPC code for a Pumpkin Lager come fall. MOE will detect this change without you alerting us and automatically make the switch, plus update your catalog.

  • New market, new language? Got you. If you’re running the same campaign in Toronto and Quebec and therefore need it in English and French, MOE automatically does that for you. In fact, MOE can translate your campaign into any language.

  • No corralling endless UPC codes onto a spreadsheet for a campaign. Efficiency is MOE’s thing. All you have to do is send us ONE link at ONE retailer, and machine-learning enabled MOE does the rest, sparing you days (maybe weeks) of work and greatly increasing the speed to get your campaign up and running!

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