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What can Save, Share, Pin do for you? Somebody ask Phil!

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In case you haven’t heard, we recently launched a feature called Save, Share, Pin. This new capability makes it easy for any Shopper's Choice link to be saved, shared, or pinned, actively encouraging consumers to spread your paid reach with high-value person-to-person interactions. It's great for bundles, recipes, seasonal or LTO products, and any other items you think consumers will want to spread the word about. 

There’s no one better to shed light on the power of Save, Share, Pin than Phil Wolpers, Sr. Vice President of Consumer Product & Growth at SmartCommerce. He spends his days observing how SmartCommerce products are used and understanding client goals, so he (along with our team of designers and engineers) can create great experiences for consumers that drive more sales for you. Here’s his take on the what, the why, and the how of Save, Share, Pin…

Deepen your campaign’s emotional appeal.

If MOE (our Master Optimization Engine) is the big brain behind campaigns, Shopper’s Choice (our tool that makes it easy for consumers to add your products to their favorite retailer cart of choice) is the heart that connects to folks engaging with those campaigns out in the wild. A whopping 95% of shopping decisions are driven by unconscious emotional connections, and Save, Share, Pin unlocks the viral effects of that peer-to-peer interaction:

“My friend would love this spicy margarita!” (Thomas texts recipe to his cocktail-loving buddy.)

“I love this bundle of snacks!” (Penny pins it to her Snack Attack board.)

“Mom sure would enjoy this face cream!” (Amelia emails the link for plumping moisturizer to her mom.) 

Increase your reach and ROAS with virality.

With 93% of consumers trusting recommendations from friends and family over anything else, the impact that personal connections have in shopping decisions is huge. Your brand already has the essence, the message, and the product to pluck those heartstrings – Save, Share, Pin takes that a step further by capturing those critical moments where your brand appeals to the human on the other side of the screen and converts them beyond shoppers into sharers.

Make your links stick around to amplify their value.

An item added to a cart from your campaign is a win: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We came, we conquered, they converted. But why stop there? Just as you win when your link is shared from one to many, you also win when your link is saved and pinned. The bundle of snacks pinned by Penny will live on for her to return to later, and for others to discover and be met with the same delight, all while you’ve already moved on to your next campaign. Considering one-third of adults in the United States are regular Pinterest users and 50% use Pinterest as a shopping destination, Save, Share, Pin makes it effortless to seize this huge potential.

Measure the success in SmartSuite.

Creating deeper emotional appeal, increasing reach, and increasing the sticking power of campaigns is all well and good, but the proof is in the pudding (or the spicy margarita, or snacks, or face cream…), and you need the pudding to know the whole story and take full control of your media. That’s exactly why we added the numbers to the Shopper’s Choice Measure dashboard in SmartSuite. By enabling Save, Share, Pin on a Shopper’s Choice link, you’ll be able to track the number of times a consumer saved, shared, or pinned your SmartLink and how many times that link was opened from a share or pin.

Log into SmartSuite right now to start reaping the benefits. And in case you’re more of a show than tell person, see exactly how Save, Share, Pin works below.

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